How My Purchase is Going On


I am sorry but I do not want the Rolex watch, I know it will cost money to send it back but I have no alternative as it is a gift for my brother and he doesn’t like this Rolex Replica UK at all. He wanted the Cartier watch so please can you either let me know about a full refund of my money or let me know what Cartier watches you do have in stock in order for us to order something else to the same value as what has already been taken from my bank account.

I am grateful for your quick respond but I think it is the time to act a little bit faster because we have already lost and waste a lot of time and I think for your future references also it is not good. Some of my friends been waiting to see how my purchase is going on with you guys to place the order but this sort of delays make them to think twice for any purchase of Rolex Replica Watches. Any way I will waiting for for another day.