I Attempted to Follow Your Instructions


I returned from out of town trip this afternoon and did not ware the timepiece on my trip.  I unscrewed the adjustment crown to reset time/date.  Upon completing the advancing procedure to the correct time/date I re-secured the adjustment crown.  The time/date moved during this procedure, after unscrewing the adjustment crown once again I attempted to reset the time/date and the minute hand disengaged from the mechanism rendering the watch useless.  Sorry to confirm this is exactly what I suspected would happen.

I attempted to follow your instructions.  The minute hand is totally dislodged from the mechanism and spins freely within the case.  The watch worked on initial receipt, which I advised on 10 Dec.  Upon resetting the Rolex Replica UK, as I advised on 16 Dec, the minute hand disengaged from the mechanism.  I cannot reset the movement and functions, only the manufacturer or a jeweler could do that.

I placed my original Rolex Replica Sale order on 22 Oct, almost two months ago and after over fifteen separate communications with your office I still do not have a complete, working timepiece.

I have spent far too much of my time and frustration regarding this faulty merchandise.  If you would kindly send me post-paid packaging to return everything I would gladly do so, otherwise I am going to discard it all.