I Can Not Wear My New Rolex Watch


Thank you for your help this far.

There is no way your company would pay this fee?

It’s very upsetting that I have paid all this money for a Replica Rolex UK I can’t wear due to it not working.

Also as I’m a bit worried about this design could it be possible to have a different Rolex sent? That would be most appreciated.

If all this is possible it would refill my faith in the company and you will see me being a returning customer.

That is good news for changing it, it would love to have this one instead please Model:20190 which is the original Rolex Sea- Dweller in all black.

Please could you let me know sort code and account number to make a payment transfer of £15.

This will be a direct bank transfer.

I just want to see an email that my order has been sent and when to expect delivery.  This is a gift and according to your policy it should have arrived by now.  It is late.  I’m planning on buying several more Rolex Replica Watches from you and I don’t understand the delay in my first order.