Not Satisfied With My Rolex Replica UK


I have received the watch of order 23_23357, it’s a great superb looking Rolex Replica UK, however I’m not satisfied with it, and I’ll tell you why.

The bracelet does not close/open properly and mostly not at all. as a result of this, the little knob, attached too the opening/closing mechanism (shown in the middle of the picture enclosed), came off, fell on the floor and I couldn’t find it back, till now.

The crown, (the little knob aside of the case, which is for winding up and set the time is really tight and cannot be pulled out with hand force, it looks like one needs a pair of tongs to pull it out, which I think it’s not the way to do this.

So, here I am with a superb, good looking watch and I cannot wear my Rolex Replica, do you know a way to solve this?

Thanks anyway for your wonderful support, till now.