PVD Rolex Bamford


My boyfriend has chosen the Rolex Replica UK with black dial, I am sure this is the same as the original we requested (looks the same to me). Anyway the prices are a lot more on this website you have told me to choose off. So if we can’t have this watch at the price we have already paid 26 days ago then I request a refund in full.

I look forward to a reply asap either confirming the watch has been dispatched or that a refund in full has been credited back to my debit card.

Think I found your site. A friend of mine bought this Rolex Replica Sale for me from you I think, but the clasp link near strap is broken and could be welded on if I had tiny link, so if you can supply me only this part it would be great or half a strap as you may have a broken watch hanging around. Please see pictures as they will make more sense than me. Please email me cost too, I think model number is 55859 black PVD Rolex Bamford with metal/steel strap.