Replica Rolex UK


Do you not read any of the emails I have sent?  I have already sent this information to RealPay. If you would read the emails I have sent to you this would be clear. You have already charged the card and the amount is incorrect. This has been a disaster from day one. Cancel the Rolex Replica UK order and credit the card.

I will send it to you tomorrow. Other than the card showing the last 4 digits and my name on it, is there anything else you need to complete the transaction?  I don’t want to keep going in circles. Also, you can contact Wells Fargo bank and verify that I approved the transaction. That would be the ultimate verification.

Here is the enlarged version. I hope this does it.  Again, if you have any concerns whether or not I am the cardholder, call Wells Fargo and ask.  You have the credit card number on the order and you can verify (as the merchant) that I have already pre-approved the transaction.  I appreciate you wanting to protect the card, but the card has already been charged several weeks ago for $947.00.  Since you have already charged the card please send the Rolex Replica Watches.