Replica Rolex


I have got it working now, I ended up taking it into a local jeweller. One other thing is that one of the rider tabs on the bezel has fallen off and I need a replacement. It’s the one at 12:00 would you be able to send me a replacement please? I have only had the watch for 4 days and parts are already falling off which shouldn’t really be happening. Please let me know if you can send one to me the watch is a Replica Rolex UK. This is a picture of the watch. If you can see on the bezel at 12 o clock the Rider tab has fallen off. The one with the dot on it. Would you please be able to send me a replacement with a screw that I can screw on myself? Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I find it rediculous that you sell me a watch that breaks within two weeks and then you charge me another 15 pounds for a replacement. If anything you should be paying me an extra 15 pounds as compensation or a Swiss made watch as an apology. Please can you send me the replacement Replica Rolex watch as soon as possible please, this has dragged on way too long.