Rolex Datejust


It really saddens me that you treat your customers like this. I have tried to resolve this matter amicably, and asked that you keep me posted on my orders. You offered to refund my money as the Rolex Replica Watches were out of stock. I have not received a refund, nor have you kept me posted as to the delivery dates. Therefore, if you do not respond to this email urgently I will contact the fraud department of VISA card. Trust me once they get on your case, you will find it very difficult to use their facilities in the future. If you have gone for the short term and decided to keep my money, yet not supply the Rolex Datejust, then you have sadly miscalculated.  As I buy a lot of Rolex Replica Watches UK, so do my friends and we could have given you many orders over the years. You would have got a lot more than the £180 you have got. It’s not to late to sort this out and keep my business and avoid a lot of aggravation coming your way.