The Color of My Rolex Replica


I have now sent a report to the visa company and asked them to investigate your company for fraud. I have also asked them to look at not include your company in visa transactions. You have been given many opportunity to rectify my issue and have chosen not to. Today I will also but my experience on eBay, Facebook and twitter. I have explained the issue a number of times, you have my order number and you know what watch you shipped me. All I ask is you send me a new Rolex Replica watch. What is the problem this has been going on for two months. Please confirm you have sent me a replacement watch. Until I get conformation of a new watch,  I will peruse my flame of fraud with visa Credit card. I would like to pay by Western Union please to take advantage of the 5% discount. Also could I just check with you if I am able to return the Rolex Replica Watches if they are not suitable? They are for myself.  I’m just not sure what color to go for?