Something Is Broken Inside The Watch


I have a problem with the the GMT blue dial and blue bezel. The GMT hand cannot be set. At the first position rotate crown one direction sets the date, rotate the other way should set the GMT hand, it does not.

I want the Rolex Replica Sale returned and full refund given to me. As this is clearly defective. The return shipping should be on you not me. If this were not defective I would not request a return.

I can box this up and have it ready for you to pick up as soon as Monday.

Let me know how you want to handle this. Again it is defective. GMT hand

cannot be set. So want a refund.

I tried what you suggested, it made no difference what so ever. It is still

not working as it should. Something is obviously broken inside the Replica Rolex UK.

Process my full refund, I will have it ready to ship out as soon as you issue a pick up order.

Unless you repay me full price including all payment fees and shipping cost.

The total due me on refund would be $170.

That is the price of the Rolex Replica watch, $25.00 return shipping and payment fees charged by third party company and the bank.