The Quality Of The Replica Rolex UK


I want to return this for a refund. The quality of the Replica Rolex UK is not what was promised or expected.

I paid $109 for a watch that does not work, and all you offer is a discount on another watch that probably will not work? That is unacceptable. If, as you say, the watch would probably be lost in transit or seized, refund my $109 and I will throw the non-working watch away.

The website offered a return guarantee. Honor your policy.

I took the Rolex Replica UK to a very reputable jeweler. He told me that the movement was junk and that he was surprised that it worked at all.

No. I do not want another watch from your company. Just a refund.

I spoke with my bank today. Their representative stated that the time frame that you suggested for the processing of the refund was completely false. He stated that even an international refund would take, at most, 72 hours. He further stated that he would be happy to issue a fraud claim against your company with VISA and issue a full refund of $109 to me immediately.

I’m still waiting for a reply, it’s been a week since I paid for the Rolex Replica Watches but still haven’t reviewed them or been told if the watches have been posted, you said I will be given a tracking number but I haven’t had anything. Please get back to me ASAP.

I purchased a Rolex Daytona rainbow replica from you last year, I was very happy with it. I have never worn the watch yet as a part of the strap broke by me just handling and trying it on, it’s a small piece which fell off. I have been to some jewelers and they said it can’t be welded back on.