The Rolex Replica UK Is Not Available


I’m afraid I specifically would like the Replica Rolex UK. So, unless you can confirm when you are likely to receive this particular model then I would want a refund.

If a refund is the route we are going down then can you please confirm the timescale when this will occur as I’m quite disappointed that I was allowed to order a watch when it was out of stock.

If the second Rolex Replica UK I have tried to choose is also not available then I would like a refund please.

Now, it is very important that you let me know the time scales involved with this process, up to one month for example would be totally unacceptable for example.

Once you have confirmed this detail I will decide whether or not I will place the transaction into dispute and commence the investigate into your company because at this point in time I’m quite nervous that you could let someone order something that is out of stock.

Can you please confirm when the refund amount will arrive in my account. I intend putting the transaction in dispute and therefore commencing with the financial investigation on Friday unless of course I have received the full refund. It has been well over a month now and I’m still no closer to understanding when I will receive the Rolex Replica Sale or refund. This is not good.

We have not had confirmation that the refund including the sterling transfer fee has reached our account.