The Slower Selling References Could Be Throttled Back

I myself have a Daytona on order with a 4 year wait and was told last weekend by an AD in London that the expectation is for me to spend money on other Rolex replica watches to ensure I am on a ‘live’ list rather than a bench I’ll never get off.

It has almost withdrawn my interest in the brand as as a youngish/middle aged man with disposable income, I’m not sure Rolex are setting the correct tone.

I agree, if Rolex replica sale has production caps due to capacity limitations (human or factory line or suppliers) than it would be plausible. But when you sell nearly a million watches a year, it’s hard to believe you are truly maxed out. This is very unlike Gronefeld where Tim and Bart told me that in order for them to ramp up production they have to hire more watchmakers – and it takes about 2 year for them to bring an already trained watchmaker up to their standards.

I can’t imagine Rolex replica uk has that sort of labor training issue with their high degree of automation. And in any event, Rolex could (keeping the same overall output) switch around which references they choose to produce. The slower selling references could be throttled back and more steel Daytonas made – but they choose not to do that.