What Do You Expect Me to Think?


I do not want a resend. I want my money back, my credit card company is treating this as fraud. What sort of company treats there customers like this?
You send me a tracking number of the Rolex Replica Watches and that’s it?

Then when after one month it does not arrive. I email you nearly 20 times and all I get is 3 one lined answers back saying ” will check ” , or ” will resend “. So what do you expect me to think?
Your webpage is an absolute joke as none of the links work ‘ contact us ‘ that link is for show , because it does not work.
Now please send me my money back now .
I will be going to my bank today and show them what you have written back , and may I add you said you was going to resend the Replica Rolex UK two weeks ago?
You disgust me.

You are asking me to check with my local post office?
I have been doing that every day since the 24th Feb.
And track and trace know nothing about a Parcel -RC271001092HK.
I will be fair with you now.