What Movement Is In The Rolex Replica Watch?

Thanks for the watch I have received it and am happy with it. As it hasn’t got a screw down crown I’m guessing I can’t wear it swimming?

Could you tell me if you have a very good quality Rolex but in 40mm size as the 46 is too big. So I think these start with br03 number also one with a working power reserve would be good.

What movement is in the Rolex? I’m also looking for a Panerai p241, or is it possible to get a Pam 171? With the better movement fitted. Quick question do you do the Panerai alligator straps or a extra strap stainless?

I have received the Rolex replica UK as hoped for my father for Christmas. However, there is a issue that the watch does not work at all and would now want to return the watch, however, it does mention in your terms and conditions that there is a charge sending this back (When we receive the products sent back, we will deduct $20-40 shipping & Handing Cost for the time we sent it to you and then give you a refund). Could you confirm we will not be charged for this, as we have received a faulty item and expect a full refund on the card details I paid on originally? Also could you send me the full address I need to send the watch back to as well.

We have tried what you asked (we both do own automatic watches anyhow) but gave it a shot anyway and still nothing works so now would like to return this as was a Christmas present and would been nice if it had worked. Could you confirm as requested in last email about costs and forward me the address to send the watch back please.

The watch does not work we have both other automatic watches and are very much aware how they should work. I now want to return watch with a full refund please, my father and myself are disappointed that the watch has not been as we hoped. Please can you confirm the address to send the watch back and the forwarding address that we need to send the item back please.

Also as requested confirm this as soon as possible about no charges please we want to send this back as soon as possible.