Your Rolex Replica UK Went In The Bin


Don’t bother to send me that email. Saying thank you we will email back soon.

What’s soon. Maybe next year ?

I hope your business does really badly as that’s what you deserve.

You must be really desperate if you really can’t afford to refund £80.

You clearly need the money more than me. Your Replica Rolex UK went in the bin this morning, as I can’t bear to even look at it. I hate dishonesty. That’s what you are.

How’s that my fault that you sent that email to the wrong person.

Had I have received it, it would have made a lot of difference. As regarding the email saying we will refund.

I wasn’t asked to reply.

I just thought being as the email was so specific on day date and the time, I assumed you’d done it !

Don’t know what can be done now anyway, as in my strop I threw your watch in the bin. So I haven’t even got the watch. Thank you for replying today though.

I am writing to ask you to give me your return address for the items I have received, as the item I ordered is not what I got, so I would like to return them back to you. Please also issue a full refund of the Rolex Replica UK price I paid. I will await your response.

I am looking at purchasing a ladies Rolex Datejust from your website.
Can you tell me if the watch I will receive will be exactly the same as the
one in the picture. Also does the price include a Rolex box and papers

I have now managed to extract the information you requested. My credit card company has advised that I can do this, although it is extremely unusual to ask for such information.

There is no more I can do so you will either have to send the Rolex Replica Watches or refund my card.